Patient Testimonials

Below are a few of the many notes, letters and testimonials we receive from patients. These actual letters are published with the permission of our patients. We have withheld last names in keeping with our commitment to maintaining patient confidentiality.

From Karyn

The care and treatment I received from the Concierge TMS team was beyond my highest expectations. From my initial inquiry, the staff was attentive and made every effort to communicate with me thoroughly. I live in an area that does not offer TMS treatment within hundreds of miles; I needed to find treatment near family where I could stay for a few months. I started my search with little background on local Cape Cod-area providers. While some other providers answered my questions, it was clear from the start that Dr. Schwartz, Sally and everyone else at Concierge TMS was truly focused on helping me get this treatment. They worked hard to make it happen.

Orchestrating two months of care while living 2000 miles from home and caring for my daughter was no small task. My technician, Chrissy, made me feel so welcome and even gave us lots of tips about the local area to make our time there fun. She was attentive yet easygoing and I finished my treatments feeling like I had made a friend.

I sought out TMS treatment after 10+ years of trying to manage depression and anxiety with medication and counseling. While those modalities helped, it was not enough. I knew the medication was waning and other drugs had debilitating side-effects. As I learned more about TMS, the success rates and the fact that this treatment has zero side-effects, it seemed like the best chance at getting my life back.

I can honestly say I have not felt this positive, calm, and optimistic in at least a decade. I noticed some subtle shifts in my thinking patterns and mood after about two weeks of TMS treatment with Concierge TMS. By the last week of appointments, I saw a positive change in nearly every part of my day-to-day life. Now that I’m back home, friends and family say they haven’t seen me this happy in a long time. Even my medical doctors are impressed with a significant improvement of symptoms from Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome. I am so surprised by how many areas of my life that have improved – even things I had no idea were related to my mental health. There is no doubt in my mind that this treatment has changed my life for the better and I thank everyone at Concierge TMS for taking such wonderful care with me.

From Susan

I have completed four rounds of TMS in Mashpee and today—incredibly— I started my fifth. Through my multiple ups and downs over the past year, the two of you (and Stacey, too) have been steady, caring, and encouraging, and I want to express my appreciation!

I also want to sing the praises of Jody, who mentioned today that this is her one-year anniversary as a treater.  She is a prize! If she treats all of your patients with the same warmth and kindness that she offers to me, she deserves a million gold stars. On top of delivering the treatment properly, she makes sure I have a good experience and feel cared for every time I’m there. She brings the best parts of herself to the job, even when she’s not feeling her best. Today, for example, she limped in after getting a second PRP injection the evening before. Someone else would have spent the day at home on the couch, but Jody said patients were counting on her coming in. On her birthday last week, her patients showered her with cards and flowers. “I’m sorry, I was in a rush and didn’t bring you anything,” I apologized. “No problem,” she said. “You are my birthday present.”

From Joanne

TMS therapy has been very successful in treating my depression which I have been suffering from for the past 25 years. TMS has allowed me to eliminate medications that have been responsible for unpleasant side effects – tremor and movement disorders. Thanks to TMS therapy and the qualified staff I am now at my best- feeling better than I could have expected. I’ve experienced no side effects or negative aspects associated with TMS. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from depression.

From Diane

I am so thankful that TMS therapy is available as it was so effective with not only my depression, but my anxiety, which was extremely high and seemed to dissipate as the treatments went on. The environment was pleasant and quiet, and the technician was focused on my overall comfort. Must spread the word about this to the people who are stuck in the pits of despair.

From Tricia

Neurostar TMS with Dr Jonathan Schwartz saved my life. It is hard to explain depression to a person who has never experienced major depression. You will hear people say, “Oh, I’m depressed, or “ I know what it’s like.” But for some people, it is so deep that there is no medication, no holistic therapy, no exercise program, and no spiritual or religious belief that can fix you.

This is how I felt. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression related to complex post-traumatic stress disorder. I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t” snap out of it. “ I felt like a burden to my family and my friends. I became isolated, which was easy to do during a pandemic. I had traumas from my past that consumed my thinking. Medication didn’t work. Self-help books didn’t work. Gratitude journals and meditation didn’t work. I was sick of feeling sick, and I felt ashamed for how I felt. No one wants to feel this way.

I was seeking treatment for depression That would complement or replace medication. This is when I found out about Dr. Schwartz’s TMS program. Treatment for 36 days with no side effects! Remarkable! I went to them feeling like a shell of a person. I felt like I had utterly lost my personality. I was afraid of people. Triggers would bring me back to traumas that I couldn’t mentally escape from.
I started to feel some optimism in just seven days. Each week, it felt like clouds were being lifted. I started sleeping again, which was terrific for me. Going to TMS was a pleasure for me. I would think of it as a spa treatment. The TMS technicians were extremely knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. I could talk to them without judgment. That in itself is a big plus. I felt like I mattered in a world that was chaotic and unpredictable.

From Jim

I was desperate to feel better when I started TMS. It was a journey, but In time I went into remission and felt like my old self again, HURRAY! What I never anticipated, however, was the exceptional warmth and kindness of the people who treated me. My treater kept me company through each session, encouraging me, asking about my life if I felt like talking, and checking on my comfort. I was seen as not just a patient, but as a whole person. TMS requires a commitment but it worked for me. I can’t imagine a friendlier, more caring place to receive treatment.

After the loss of my wife I went into a deep depression.After seeing a Psychiatrist and Therapist and trying at least 3 different medications I was recommended to see Dr. Jonathan Schwartz , who was using TMS when medication was not working and was having very good results. There was hope. Dr. Schwartz evaluated me and tried a few more medications which still did not seem to be effective. We then started a period of TMS treatments. The kindness and expertise of the technologist and staff were superior. It made all the difference getting me through this affliction.

Toward the end I expected immediate results but once again was assured to be patient it takes time to feel the effects. About two weeks later I began to feel like myself and wanted to participate in life again. I am very grateful for Dr Jonathan Schwartz, Sally his technologist and staff and of course TMS.

From Cathy

Telling this story of how NeuroStar changed my life. I am a 68-year–old woman. Suffered from Depression and Anxiety for years. I have been on several different medications. Life fell apart when I suddenly lost my 44-year-old daughter that passed away in her sleep, 3 years ago.

No reason, no signs no Goodbye.

Having Therapy since her passing. My therapist suggested to me TMS at the end of March to see If I may be interested in this Therapy. I made the phone call, made my initial appointment. This is when my life changed. On Sunday April 4, 2021, I went to the office of Dr. Jonathan Swartz in New Bedford. Dr Schwartz and his Wife Sally explained the full progress to me. He started with what is called mapping.

You have a small device on your head, and they generate a small twitch to your head. All PAINLESS, NO DISCOMFORT AT ALL. Dr. Schwartz was watching my fingers to see them move and he knew he was in the right place.

I Got my first treatment that day. This is a commitment; It is 5 days a week until you hav,, thirty-six visits. Excited to get this started. Went to the office again on Monday thru Friday, It was on my second full week, I started to feel a difference. Dr. Schwartz told me, that 1 responded the therapy quite quickly. After several visits 1 was able to cut down on my Xanax to once a day. I also was able to cut down on my Zoloft, after several weeks I was no longer on Xanax.

The treatment for me was on the left side of my head and took about 20 minutes. You do have to stay still. I am so Thank full for this new treatment. I really was feeling great, with no new medication, NO SIDE EFFECTS. You will have phone consults with Dr. Schwartz to, see how you are doing thru the treatment.
I continued this therapy until June 4, 2021. That was my last treatment. It is now two Months later and I continue to do well, I still have monthly consults with Dr. Schwartz.

If you are at all wondering about this treatment. It is worth the commitment. All my family and friends notice a significant difference in me. I do continue to have Talk Therapy, as it is especially important.

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