Medications and TMS

One of the most frequently asked questions about TMS is “Will I be able to stop my medications after I have TMS” or “Can I stop my medications now?”. Some of our patients have been able to stop their medications after TMS and have felt fine. Others have stayed on medications, either at lower or the same doses. 

If you are currently taking any, the decision to change your medications is ultimately between you and the person prescribing your medicines. On the one hand, we prefer that your medicines and the doses of those medicines stay the same while you are receiving TMS so that you and I can tell if any improvement you experience, while you are receiving TMS, is from the TMS therapy or the change to your medications. At the same time, we do not prohibit changes that you and your prescriber decide are important, especially if you have intolerable side effects from medicines. 

We do ask that if you make any changes to your medicines, you should tell us when you come in for your next treatment about those changes. This is because some medication changes will require us to re-evaluate the amount of magnetic energy that is appropriate for you.

About Jonathan Schwartz, M.D.

Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, MD, was born in New Bedford and has been practicing adult and child psychiatry in the area for more than 30 years. He graduated from McGill University Medical school in Montreal and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital (Adult Psychiatry) and Children’s Hospital (Child Psychiatry) in Boston. Dr. Schwartz specializes in the areas of Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Addictions, and ADHD. He served as the psychiatrist at U.Mass. Dartmouth from 1985 until 2016 and is currently the Medical Director at Steppingstone in Fall River, MA. Dr. Schwartz directs Concierge TMS.